Stress reduction

Eliminate anxiety and stress by re-balancing your autonomic nervous system and regaining control over stress inducing behaviors.

christmas-1386246064fVzEnjoy the holidays by reducing stress, anxiety and depression with regular Life Vessel sessions. Your memories of Christmas’ celebrations don’t need to be filled with dread, anger, or exhaustion. Incorporating regular visits to the Life Vessel keeps your autonomic nervous system balanced and your body fine tuned to address issues of health and healing more productively. Having a rested, well-balanced body and mind makes regular holiday events joyful and something to look forward to as your mind is clear, refreshed and your body is energized by the restorative light, music and energy work that the Life Vessel provides. Reduce your “need” for self medication through drugs or alcohol by naturally balancing your body, mind and emotions through this cutting edge therapeutic device. Affordable and enjoyable, the Life Vessel is much needed ‘tool’ for you to utilize in your every day life, and especially during the holiday seasons. Overwhelming StressTelevision advertising highlights the issues of a society experiencing increasing anxiety, insomnia and stress that keeps everyone on edge. There are pills for sleep, pills for energy, pills for depression, pills for anxiety, and more. Pills that promise a cure, but in fact, are only masking the deep rooted symptoms of a body and mind that is out of balance. At Life Vessel Denver, and Strategies for Healing, we are always looking for natural, holistic ways of dealing with the anxiety and depression that are keeping people cycling through patterns of addiction and emotional roadblocks. The Life Vessel is one of our greatest discoveries with a profound success rate of supporting people in their healing and holistic journey.

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