Life Vessel Interior

Clearing up the controversies and misunderstandings over whether the Life Vessel or the Energy Genesis is better or more effective.

Written by Sharon Worrell, Strategies for Healing

As you scroll through Facebook and Twitter, flip through the channels on your TV and view commercials and news reports, one thing stands out most; “What can I believe? Where is the truth?”

Fake News has become a topic of discussion and spammers thrive on it! Carefully crafted wording complete with pictures, lead the reader to believe that their product, their gossip, their latest and greatest or THE Breaking News report – is the truth.

It is vital for every individual reading this post (and those who are not, frankly) to learn how to become responsible for what they read and what they believe and spend their hard earned money on. Fact checking is extremely important as all claims must stand up to scrutiny–especially claims that affect your time and energy into investing in your health.

Just because someone says “It’s so!” does NOT mean that it is. Even if they believe it themselves.

There have been some controversies over whether the Life Vessel or the Energy Genesis* is better or more effective. I thought I would take an opportunity to bring some clarity to those controversies.

We at Strategies for Healing first encountered the Energy Genesis* when my husband, Gary, had a series of treatments with it. We talked with the owner about the Energy Genesis—its modalities and benefits. We were told at that time that the Life Vessel was “a knock-off” and that the Energy Genesis was “5 times stronger,” and were led to believe it was “FDA-cleared.”  

The Energy Genesis was created by Barry McNew—the inventor of the Life Vessel. There are similarities between the units, but they are not the same. The Life Vessel is the first of its kind invented by Barry. Barry lost the rights to the Life Vessel to the owners of the company that financed his invention. It is a matter of public record and can be verified. The Energy Genesis was the unit that he created after he lost the Life Vessel.*

Life Vessel Relaxation Chamber

Life Vessel

Light (color)Therapy

16 speakers delivering vibration

Sound therapy

Infrared (oxygenating the cells)

Camera to calculate light adjustment


Energy Genesis

Energy Genesis

NO color therapy

14 speakers

Sound therapy

NO infrared

Peak hole to view client for manual light adjustment

NOT FDA-cleared or registered

As you can see, the Energy Genesis has half of the modalities of the Life Vessel. Since the Life Vessel holds 5 patents that cannot be infringed upon without legal consequence, Barry could not incorporate those modalities into the Energy Genesis, so they simply say it became obsolete.

However, Infrared is known to oxygenate cells and facilitate healing—there is nothing obsolete about it. The Life Vessel is also a registered trademark and cannot be attributed to the Energy Genesis, along with the FDA-clearance.